K-High speed ABA/AB LDPE film blowing machine

High Speed ABA/AB LDPE Film Blowing Machine is a high-performance extrusion equipment that is efficient,stable,and energy-saving.It adopts ABA three-layer co-extrusion technology and can produce high-quality composite films with excellent physical properties and high transparency.It is widely used in the packaging,agriculture,and construction industries.

Product Presentation

This ABA film blowing machine adopt three-layers co-extrusion technology,with recycled materials used in the middle layer to improve production efficiency and achieve resource recycling.By the way,this machine could with rotary die head,also could with horizontal rotary tower device.


1.Energy Saving and Efficient:The device adopts advanced energy-saving technology,which significantly reduces production costs and improves production efficiency.

2.Easy Operation:The device adopts a fully automated control system,which is easy to operate and reduces labor intensity for workers.

3.Stable and Reliable:The device adopts a high-precision mechanical structure and an electronic control system that is stable and reliable,providing a stable and smooth operation during production.

4. Flexible and Customizable:The device can be customized to meet the production needs of different industries.


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Model 65/65-1600/1800 75/75-2200/2400 90-90/2600/2800 100-100/3200
Width of the film 1000-1400mm/1600mm 1200-2000mm/2200mm 1400-2400mm/2600mm 2000-3000mm
Thickness of the film LDPE:0.02-0.15mm
Output 100-250kg/h 120-300kg/h 140-420kg/h 160-500kg/h
According to different width, thickness of film,die size and raw material characteristics to change
Diameter of screw Φ65/65 Φ75/75 Φ90/90 Φ100/100
L/D ratio of screw 32:1 (With force feeding)
Gear box 200# *2 225# *2 250#*2 315#*2
Main motor 37kw*2 45kw*2 55kw*2 75kw*2
Die diameter Φ350mm Φ500/550mm Φ550/650mm Φ750mm

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