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Chfh-B Series Dry Compound Machine

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Max.  Laminating  Width650mm850mm1050mm
Max.  Laminating  Speed130m/min130m/min130m/min
Max.  Diameter  of  Material  Rollφ600mmφ600mmφ600mm
Internal  Diameter  of  Roll  Coreφ76mmφ76mmφ76mm
Length  of  Drying  Channel9000mm9000mm9000mm
Power  for  Drying  Channel54kw63kw72kw
Total  Power74kw83kw92kw
Weight  of  Machine8000kg9000kg10000kg
Overall  Dimension11000×2300×3100mm11000×2500×3100mm11000×2700×3100mm

This machine is suitable for the double-layer or multiple-layer lamination of such roll film material as BOPP, PET, nylon, CPP, CPE, aluminum foil and paper, etc.

1. Coating and laminating of main machine are of double-shaft synchronous 
   frequency conversion and feedback control.
2. Thickness of glue coating can be chosen by mesh of anilox roller and doctor blade
3. Auto tension controller for three section constant tension control. 
4. Turret type unwinding station, pre-tension control for non-stop shaft exchange
5. Unwinding station equipped with EPC system
6. Turret type rewinding station, pre-tension control for non-stop shaft exchange
7. Movable doctor blade with pneumatic back pressure
8. Three independent constant temperature section drying system with heating tube 
    and strong air fans for air in feeding and exhaust, to ensure the full dryness of web
9. Pneumatic lifting drying channel and operating platform for web passing, active
    synchronous running leading roller inside drying channel.
10. Pre-heating before laminating, water cooling roller for laminated web.
11. Inflatable Air Shaft for web loading/unloading
12. Three rollers nip laminating method, laminating pressure more even to ensure 
     higher peel strength.

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