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CH-FC fly-cutter bottom sealing bag making

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Bag making length200-3000mm200-3000mm200-3000mm200-3000mm
Bag making width900mm1100mm1300mm1500mm
Mechanical  speed80pcs/min80pcs/min80pcs/min70pcs/min
Film thickness (mm)0.04×2-0.25×20.04×2-0.25×20.04×2-0.25×20.04×2-0.25×2
Total power7.5KW8KW9KW10KW
Machine weight1800kg2000kg2100kg2200kg
Machine dimension6000X1800X1300mm6000X2000X1300mm6000X2200X1300mm6000X2400X1300mm
Air compressor6HP6HP6HP6HP

* The specification are subject to be changed for improvement without notice.

Optional Device:

Hanger hole puncher device

V type sealing device

Surface friction unwinding device

Double servo feeding for producing double lane print bag

1. Newly design flying knife cutting system, easy to exchange the blade

2. Double electric hot heating sealing design, sealing firmly

3. The entire stack, the entire output

4. Can make multi-lane non-print bag.

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