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CH-ST-2 Full Automatic T-shirt Bag making machine two line

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Max. Width200-380mm×2370-550mm×2
Max. Length300-600mm×2370-800mm×2
Bag-making Thickness0.01-0.05mm0.01-0.05mm
Bag-making Speed250-300pcs/min×2250-300pcs/min×2
Air Pressure10HP10HP
Main Power12.5kw13.5kw
Overall Dimension7000×1600×1800mm7000×1800×1800mm

* The specification are subject to be changed for improvement without notice.

Brief Introduction:

New designed super high speed T-shirt bag making machine ,is special for making T-shirt bag ,which is two lines high speed production, easy to operate .high output ,special servo motor driver.


V2 model with optional 300pcs/min(line speed 150m/min)

1. Unwinding tension with AC inverter automatic control .

2. Turnover sealing knife ,easy clean design.

3. The whole set of bag has design of swaying ,no paste between two bags mouth.

4. Fully automatic tacking of whole set and leveling stack design.

5. Multi-term automatic warning ,automatic stop design .

6. Finish stack bags with fold device.

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