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CH-ST-C2 Full Automatic T-shirt Bag making machine Cold cutting

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Max Sealing and Cutting Width60-250mm100-350mm100-450mm100-500mm
Max Sealing and Cutting Length100-650mm300-650mm300-650mm300-950mm
Sealing and Cutting Thickness0.005-0.04mm0.005-0.04mm0.005-0.04mm0.005-0.04mm
Bag-Making Speed (pcs/min)(50-230)×4/min(50-230)×4/min(50-230)×4/min(50-230)×4/min
Air pressure5kg/cm²5kg/cm²5kg/cm²5kg/cm²
Motor power(kw)1.5kw1.5kw1.5kw1.5kw
Machine weight≈1400kg≈1500kg≈1700kg≈2400kg
Overall dimension(mm)6800×1500×18007000×1700×18007000×1800×18007000×2000×1800

* The specification are subject to be changed for improvement without notice.

This machine is equipped with the servo drive, servo motor control main motor, stable operation, high precision bag. With overload, over voltage, over current and other automatic protection function, automatic counting device can be arbitrarily set the number of batches, the number of sheets, you make a flat pocket and vest bag of the ideal equipment.

Performance characteristics:
CH-ST-C2 series heat sealing cold cutting bag making machine is composed of light, machine, electricity, imported frequency integration. Using foreign advanced bag making machine technology principle of a new generation of computer control heat sealing cold cutting bag making machine, and one size fits all four blank bag.

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