F-Seven layers co-extrusion film blowing machine

The film produced by 7 layers film blowing machine for long shelf life packaging of edible oils,UHT milk,liquid and solid container liners and technical applications.Films for lidding,frozen food packaging,meat packaging and vacuum packaging are also produced on these lines.

Product Presentation

7 Layer blown film machine meets a majority of the industry’s critical packaging development needs. 7 layer co-extrusion blown film line is used for complex packaging solutions with a maximum output of 250kg/hour and lay-flat width ranging from 900mm to 1400 mm to produce both barrier films and non-barrier films. 7 layer blown film extruders are offered with direct coupled motors,fluid temperature controllers for grooved feed section along with hydraulic screen changer. 7 layer blown film line with CSD-Cylindrical Spiral Die (bottom fed vertical cylindrical spiral system) is state-of-the-art and provides optimized layout for rheological and thermodynamic criteria.Number of overlaps are almost unlimited,thus imparting excellent thickness distribution with broad range of operating parameters.Melt streams are designed and merged according to specific flow behaviour of polymers.It is compact in design with low axial forces.Sizes of all flow channels,all spiral dimensions and coex flow region are determined with the aid of computerized design and 3D simulation software. The die is self-cleaning.It is highly polished eliminating dead spots. Surfaces in contact with the melt are especially hard chrome plated and polished to ensure rapid flushing resulting in short non-productive times and low wastage during resin change. Short polymer flow passages decrease residence time which is of great benefit when processing thermally sensitive materials and reduces polymer degradation.7 layer film blowing machine are customized based on films to be produced,as such,there are no generic machine.


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Model 55-50-50-50-50-50-55/1600 65-55-55-55-55-55-65/1800
Width of the film 700-1200mm 900-1400mm
Thickness of the film 0.0035-0.18mm
Output 120-170kg/h 140-250kg/h
Output According to different width, thickness of film,die size and raw material characteristics to change
Diameter of screw Φ55/50/50/50/50/50/55 Φ65/55/55/55/55/55/65
L/D ratio of screw 32:1 (With force feeding)
Gear box 180#*2  173#*5 200#*2  180#*5
Main motor 30kw*2  22kw*5 37kw*2  30kw*5
Die diameter 300mm  400mm 400mm  500mm

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