C-ABC Three layers film blowing machine

This three layers film blowing machine is a practical device that can produce a wide range of films for various packaging applications.It is equipped haul-off tower rotary that make the film thickness more even.EPC device help the winding more neat.

Product Presentation

All ABC three layer film blowing machine adopt dual-alloy forced-feeding screws that feature excellent hardness and wear resistance.It can still plasticize a large number of particles under an environment of high speed and high pressure.The service life can reach 3-5 times of ordinary screws.High speed ABC three layers film blowing machine also offers excellent flexibility and customization options.It can produce a variety of films such as LDPE,LLDPE,and HDPE films,and features a multi-layer co-extrusion option that can produce films with enhanced properties such as improved strength 


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Model 50-55-50/1400 55-65-55/1600/1800 65-75-65/2400
Width of the film 600-1200mm 800-1400/1000-1600mm 1500-2200mm
Thickness of the film 0.02-0.2mm
Output 250kg/h 300kg/h 380kg/h
Output According to different width, thickness of film,die size and raw material characteristics to change
Diameter of screw Φ50/55/50 Φ55/65/55 Φ65/75/65
L/D ratio of screw 32:1 (With force feeding)
Gear box 173# 180# 173# 180# 200# 180# 200# 225# 200#
Main motor 18.5kw/30kw/18.5kw 22kw/37kw/22kw 37kw/45kw/37kw
Die diameter 300mm 350mm /400mm 500mm

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