E-FFS High speed heavy duty film blowing machine

With the FFS Heavy Packaging Film Blowing Machine,businesses can now produce high-quality and durable packaging films with ease.This advanced machine utilizes state-of-the-art film blowing technology to ensure exceptional film strength and puncture resistance.Whether you are packaging heavy industrial materials or fragile products,this machine guarantees utmost protection and longevity.

Product Presentation

This FFS Heavy Packaging Film Blowing Machine is a more practical machine for producing heavy film.The output of this machine is around 200kg/h.In terms of configuration,this film blowing machine is equipped with IBC,horizontal rotary tower and automatic single winder.It features a high-speed cooling system that rapidly cools down the film,reducing production time and increasing overall output.Furthermore,its energy-efficient design helps reduce power consumption,making it a cost-effective solution for large-scale film production.

Model 55-65-55/1000
Width of the film 800mm
Thickness of the film 0.03-0.2mm
Output 200kg/h
Output According to different width, thickness of film,die size and raw material characteristics to change
Diameter of screw Φ55/65/55
L/D ratio of screw 32:1 (With force feeding)  
Gear box  180#/200#/180#  
Main motor 37kw/45kw/37kw
Die diameter 200mm

 Above parameters only for reference,could be customized according to customer needs,detailed data pls check actual object

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